My story

Yesterday at Venture Cafe, Brian Zuercher, CEO/Founder of Venuseen had a big ask for us at the table and anyone trying to build a startup business in Columbus.

Tell your story

When I started Anecka almost three years ago I didn’t have much of a plan really. I had some money saved up, a pink slip from my previous job (yes I was fired, that’s a different story), a green light from my then-girlfriend-now-wife, a fresh hole in my heart from losing my mom to cancer three months before, and a determination that I had to stop talking about going on my own and just do it.

In the past three years I’ve

A lot has happened in three years, last year I beat what I was making at my corporate job. That was the moment I figured I’d be okay. I hope to offer other freelancers & microprenuers some hope & insight on how to turn a desire to do something great into reality.