Launch your #eecms add-on in 5 weeks!

ExpressionEngine developers, what if I paid you $1200 a year to sleep? Or watch TV? Or play video games? Would you take it?


Charles here just made $20

I’m pretty sure I know the answer 😉

What if I told you right now you’ve got code sitting on your computer that could earn you at least that much per year?

You don’t have to build a big software-as-a-service platform with thousands of subscribers and VC investors to “make it.” ExpressionEngine is a great place to start selling products to fellow developers.

You may be thinking, “What about support? How will I take payment on my site? What about refunds? Should I start a list of beta users? How much should I charge?”

I had those questions and more when I started PDF Press. I was releasing it with two competitors already on the market with great reviews & rates (one of which was a free add-on). I thought for sure no one was going to buy it.

I sold twenty-one copies the first day.

I did it by taking some systematic steps anyone can do.

Now here’s the pitch, tell me about yourself and your add-on idea here, in the last week of Dec I’ll pick three developers from the submissions. If you’re selected I’ll coach you for free over five weeks.

You’ll get:

  • Weekly one-on-one Skype sessions with me while we work out preparing your add-on for launch
  • Help with sales copy, pricing, documentation, landing pages
  • A free account on Unbounce to help you with a/b testing your landing pages
  • Promotion of your add-on through my newsletter and social media as I release case studies as we go through the process

You won’t learn how to use generic crappy stock photos in your blog posts, sorry trade secret.

The only requirements I must ask are that you’re willing to sell your add-on for a price and you give me permission to publish data such as conversion numbers and sales data up to launch and a month afterwards.

Why am I offering all of this for free? A few reasons:

  • I love our community and I want to give back to it
  • I am passionate about developers getting paid their value
  • To start a community around developers launching “small products”

Start 2014 off right, signup for the contest today and let’s get started selling some add-ons!