EECI Talk: Extending your ExpressionEngine add-ons with KnockoutJS

Now that I have a blog like a real Internet person, here is my talk from last October at EECI 2012. If you haven’t heard, EECI is a large annual conference for ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter users. 2012 was my first conference and the first conference where I was a speaker. Being a speaker at a conference was a great experience and I learned some important things:

  • When you’re a speaker, people are more likely to make the first move and introduce themselves. I’m an introvert, so people coming up to me to make introductions really helped me network.
  • Don’t code live onscreen, just don’t. Also lots code is pretty boring, so keep the code samples down to a minimum
  • Have a good idea of the experience level of your audience, too basic and you could lose a significant portion of your audience
  • Focus on answering the WHY in your talk, not really the HOW or the WHAT. If they’re interested, they’ll do the legwork after the conference
  • Load your deck online FIRST
  • Record the audio of your talk, you’ll learn a lot about how you speak and present.
  • Be funny, but be careful to not alienate your audience and be “edgy”

Anyway it was a great experience and I hope to speak at this year’s EECI as well. I’ve attached my KnockoutJS talk below and the audio recording. Enjoy!